Saturday, April 19, 2008

My new favorite NASCAR driver

Yes, NASCAR is a secret indulgence of mine. I've followed it since I was 18 and at one time, was even co-host of a NASCAR radio show. My favorite driver all these years had been Mark Martin driving the number 6 car for Roush racing. Then he retired and I just wasn't into any of the other drivers to be my new favorite. Mark has since come out of retirement but he's not racing for the full season so it's hard to cheer him on knowing that as far as the Cup trophy is concerned, he's not in it to win it. Then I saw this piece on David Ragan, hired as Martin's replacement by Roush to run the number 6 car. His older brother and greatest inspiration, Adam, has Down syndrome and was featured in this interview with David. Could it be any more perfect for me? Hands "Down", Ragan is my new favorite driver!

Watch the interview here
And props to Ragan's team mate Carl Edwards. He won a Gibson guitar as his trophy at the 2007 Nashville race, then promply gave it to Adam Ragan. He even pulled Adam into the Winner's Circle with him. Adam is obviously inspiring more than just his brother.

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Stephanie said...

Did you know that Kyle Petty has a summer camp for kids with special needs? They set aside one week for kids with Down syndrome. And at the end of the season, they have a parents weekend. Chris is so thrilled that when Aiden reaches the age limit, he can go. However I dont know that I'll be willing to send Aiden halfway across the country........