Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Snug as a bug...

I bought a rug for Caden's bedroom and he was so excited about it that he wouldn't let me carry it through the store. He had to hold it across his stroller. Even through checkout he held it, making the cashier come around to scan it. A couple of guys offered to carry it to our car but Caden wasn't having that. Unfortunately he is so in love with his new flooring that a couple times a night we usually have to put him back in bed because he is sleeping on his beloved rug on the floor.


Kristi Mantoni said...

Hey Jessica,

Sorry I've been gone for awhile. I have been sucked into a Facebook/Poker vortex that is VERY hard to get free from! I guess I'm just so excited that so many people from our class are coming over to facebook. I feel like I have to send everyone something and check once an hour. Anyway, I do have a number of people that are very hard to buy for so I thank you for the ideas.

BTW - Caden is too cute with the rug!


My name is Sarah said...

That is so cute. I hope you didn't knock off any people along the way. LOL