Thursday, February 28, 2008

Never enough Playdoh

Caden has a fascination bordering obsession with PlayDoh. As part of a Christmas exchange in one of my DS support groups, Caden received a PlayDoh kit that came in a small zippered tote bag. We usually roll, cut, press, and stamp the Doh on a lap tray that we place on the floor like a small activity table. Caden has connected this table to his beloved PlayDoh so when he wants to play with it, he'll haul out the little table, place the tote bag on top and then yell for attention: Hey, hello, anybody here? I'm ready to play with my PlayDoh. The problem is that as much as he loves to play with it, he loves to eat it more. He'll dart behind the sofa or even just behind your back so you can't see him do it. As if the blue lips don't give it away. Or the dissolving slimey mess in his hand. He even likes to carry it around with him as he plays with other toys, reads books, etc. Just a small handful to keep him company. Then I end up finding these discarded dried up mounds that didn't get cleaned up with the rest as he hijacked it around the house until something else required two hands. Today going to preschool, I put his coat on first and then turned around for mine. When I looked back at Caden, he was waiting at the door with his little PlayDoh bag in hand like you know mom, just in case things get slow there I'll have this to play with. Or eat if I don't like today's snack.

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