Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Post-Easter post

Okay so this is late but here are pictures from the Easter Egg Hunt put on by the local Parks and Rec Dept. Caden had a lot of fun though he only got 10-12 eggs. He kept taking them back out of his basket and putting them on the ground, like "That was so much fun finding that egg, let's do it again!" I was nervous about how he'd handle a giant white fuzzy Easter bunny but Caden was so excited that he practically tackled the bunny when he saw him. He also got to catch up on things with his friend Sara and even won her a prize (Caden won two and since Sara didn't get any, Caden decided to share. The Tank was very proud and said his boy was TCB - taking care of business).

Hey girlfriend, how's life been treatin' ya?

I'm coming, Easter Bunny!

Bunny snuggles

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