Monday, June 23, 2008

From rock star to cover boy

Yep, that's our handsome Caden and his lucky momma donning fireman's helmets while sitting inside a firetruck. This photo was on the cover of a local paper. Caden HATES wearing hats but loved this helmet for some reason. He also loved the firetruck. The photographer asked us to step down to get our names and info but Caden wasn't having it. I told the firemen that it looked like they were gonna have to raise him at the firehouse since he wasn't budging and we'd come visit every Thursday.

I took Caden to a Sheetz after the paper came out to buy our copy. He got SO excited when he recognized himself, pointing and clapping, yelling at other customers to look, like "Hey! Did you see this? I'm on this newspaper. That's crazy!" He did manage to draw a small crowd around us to see what was so fantastic in today's paper. That's my rock star.

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