Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gently used honey bear for sale

By "gently used" I mean approximately two minutes of use. All I've heard about these bears is how great they are for learning to use a straw. Since teaching Caden to use a straw was a goal of mine for the summertime, I ordered one from the Talk Tools website last week. I decided to start Monday. I filled it with his favorite juice (it's a green concoction of spinach, broccoli, barley and other kid-deterrent ingredients sweetened with pineapple and kiwi juice - it's thick and green and even smells kinda yucky but Caden loves it) and at first he didn't want anything to do with the bear. He pushed it away several times and finally I had to bribe him with promises of watching his favorite Wiggles DVD if he would just put it in his mouth. I squeezed the body of the bear and juice flowed up the straw and into Caden's mouth. He didn't hate it but he was less than thrilled about the surprise liquid. I tried a few more times but then gave it a rest as he was getting irritated with me. I brought it out again at dinnertime and I thought he was already pushing it away. No, Caden was pushing me away. He took the bear from me, pursed his little lips around the straw and Eureka!!!! He was doing it! He was drinking from a straw all on his own just like that! We used it again at snack time yesterday with equal success. They weren't kidding about this bear idea. Immediate results after a history of thrown cups and dribbling juice. That was the best investment of $7.99 I've ever made!


WheresMyAngels said...

You know it is so funny cause I can remember the first time Mercede drank from a straw. We had just gotten out of Childrens hospital and went to Pizza hut, for fun I handed her my tea and she drank out of the straw.

but I can't remember her age!! lol But it was before age two, that I know because Cheyenne wasn't born yet.

hooray for your son! although I feel sorry for him for having to drink such a fowl mixture!! lol

Stephanie said...

Aiden has one of these. The first few attempts were pointless. He HATED it. So I put it away and waited another two months to bring it out. Well, he's fascinated with it and will drink when I squeeze it. But he has learned that he can store the liquid in his mouth, and then spit it everywhere.

Conclusion, he is not ready for the straw cup.