Monday, July 28, 2008

Someone took my car!

Don't be alarmed by the title. Someone drove away in my car because I donated it to the National Down Syndrome Congress! Yay! I had a 12 year old Dodge Neon that was in need of some minor work but we decided not to put any more money into it. Instead we opted to get a new car with better gas mileage for the Tank's work commute. We decided on a Honda Fit but after getting an offer for next to nothing on the Neon as a trade-in, we thought it would be more beneficial for us to donate it and take the tax deduction. At the same time, we'd be helping a worthy cause. Everybody wins! They picked it up last week and though I was sad to see it go since it was the first new car I ever purchased, I'm so happy to have been able to help the NDSC. If you're interested in their auto donation program or other ways to help, click here.

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