Friday, August 8, 2008

Remembering John Mark Stallings

The Bear Bryant museum has posted a video tribute on its website for John Mark Stallings, son of former Alabama coach Gene Stallings. The video is 9 minutes long and may give you misty eyes. The video was from a news segment 11 years ago after Gene Stallings published his book Another Season which describes his loving relationship with his son. Johnny, who was employed at the museum, died on Aug. 2 from complications of a congenital heart defect. Johnny was 46 and Down syndrome. The Alabama athletic training facility is named after him as he was a very popular supporter of their football program, accompanying his dad to every practice and game.

“I had a whole lot less tolerance for the gifted and a whole lot more tolerance for the guy that wasn’t quite as gifted,” Gene Stallings told a reporter in January of 2008. “With Johnny, I saw him struggle to walk, struggle to kick a ball, struggle to do everything that he did. So, I had a little tolerance for the guys that had to struggle.
“If you had talent and didn’t lay it on the line, I didn’t have much tolerance for you. The less talented guy can’t play on Saturdays. But he can get you ready to play on Saturdays. I wanted the guys who played on Saturday to have an appreciation for that guy who got them there.”

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