Friday, June 12, 2015

Champion Tour Day Four: Washington, DC

Hmm, we have some free time today. What should we do after admiring the Washington Monument from our hotel window? Oh yes, we must do a photo shoot first! Cheeeeeese!

And then head to the National Air and Space Museum. Caden has recently been fascinated with the planets and outer space so this was a must-do. We never made it to the "air" side of the building and spent all of our time pretending to be astronauts on the "space" side. 

That evening the Champions were treated to an amazing red carpet private movie screening of Rio 2. The entrance to the movie area was set up like a Hollywood premiere draped in fabric and bordered by velvet rope. Inside there were concession areas, fancy seats and an area for kids to lay down and watch the movie with blankets and pillows. And lots of stuffed animals! I could hardly believe how much effort went into making this the best movie night ever. 

Yep, that's Caden up front turning around to check on mommy and daddy. For most, this was their last event of the Champions tour so there were many goodbyes. We were invited with a few other families to participate in a satellite media tour the next morning so fortunately we didn't have to say goodbye to everyone just yet. I can't believe how close we've all become so quickly. There were lots of shared happy tears during the week and lots of sad tears as we departed each other's company. At least for now, it's merely an "until next time" when we will all be reunited in Florida in February 2016. We were honored to become friends with such incredible families and will truly miss them.

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