Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Champion Tour: Day Two

Whew! Is there really another day like yesterday happening? Today we were treated to a luncheon by Delta at their new Flight Museum in Atlanta.

Our arrival was given the red carpet treatment. The Delta employees clapped and cheered, making the kids feel like celebrities. The faces of the Champions as they entered was priceless. Here we go again with the momma waterworks.

Each Champion child had their own banner signed by all the Delta employees with uplifting and encouraging messages  and then the kids spent time signing the banners too.  Of course, Caden continued with his signature "Caden Hulk" signature. 

Our buffet lunch was served under a real plane which Caden found very amazing! Then the Champions mingled with the pilots, Miss America and Zendaya. I can't believe both of those ladies devoted so much of their time to the Champion tour. Outstanding supporters! And it also highlights the belief that beauty comes from within. As stunning as Zendaya and Miss America are in outward appearance, it can't compete with their inner beauty. 

And as if Delta had not been over the top already, they then flew all the Champions and families to Washington, DC via CHARTER FLIGHT! Talk about a once in a lifetime experience! We didn't even have to go through the airport at all and TSA came to our luncheon to do the security screenings. We rode buses right onto the tarmac and walked up the steps to board our planes like true rock stars! The plane was decorated inside with the kids' photos  and party decor. Delta went all out! We ate dinner on the plane and before we knew it, we landed in DC. We exited in the same rock star fashion and walked right off the plane and onto our buses. Look out DC! The Champions are in town!

This is what you call owning it. LIKE A BOSS!

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