Monday, December 1, 2008

Caden releases his inner rebel

We have entered the phase of "question all authority". I used to be able to tell Caden "No, don't do that" and he would stop whatever he was doing. Simple. Now he looks for alternative methods to accomplish his mischief. For instance, last week we visited our local pharmacy. They had an enormous Christmas tree fully decked out in their lobby area. Caden's hand went straight for the closest ornament. "No, Caden, no touching" I warned and watched my angel's hand go down as he respectfully obeyed his mother. I put my arm around him to enjoy this peaceful quiet moment taking in all the lights and decorations when suddenly Caden's foot shot out and kicked the tree. Who does that? Who kicks a Christmas tree? I did NOT just see that! And to top it off, the little stinker laughed because he knew I had only said not to touch the tree. I never said anything about kicking the tree.

We recently rearranged our living room so that our cockatiel is further from the cold of the front door. She's now in a corner that is too accessible to Caden. He never paid much attention to the bird before but in her new location, she has become fascinating. He runs toys up and down the bars of the cage, tries to push toys into it, hits it, throws balls at it and of course, kicks the cage. My guidelines about the bird grow each day: no hitting, no kicking, no throwing, no toys, no food, no pushing your stool over for a closer look, no dragging the table it rests on.... My poor bird has suffered through my college days, 2 cats and moves across 4 states but I don't know if she'll survive a toddler. Yesterday Caden invented a new form of civil disobedience with the bird: screaming. He stands within an inch of the bars and screams at our poor freaked out feathered pet at the top of his lungs. I have been defeated by a three year old. Again.

I'm proud of his inventiveness. I'm proud of his independent streak. I'm proud of his persistence. And I am utterly exhausted trying to stay one step ahead of this smart little boy.

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WheresMyAngels said...

That is so funny and sounds like Mercede.

I'm needing a male cockatiel, I have two females and I want to breed them. Now I just have to find a good male. Only one of the females would make a good babymaker, the other one is nuts!! lol