Monday, December 22, 2008

For the love of Santa

Caden has really fallen in love with Santa this year. He has no idea that you're supposed to tell Santa what you want for Christmas and then he leaves tons of presents for you under the Christmas tree. He loves Santa because he's a nice cuddly warm guy in an easily recognizable fuzzy red suit. Like Elmo.

Our local fire department drove Santa through town on top of one of their fire trucks. Seemed like a great idea except that they kept blaring the horns and sirens of the trucks and turned Santa's arrival into a somewhat terrifying moment for younger children. You'll see Caden clinging to his mother with all his might in this video and then hear him excitedly chanting "DADADADADADA" as in San-DA when he realizes who's on top of the last truck.

After we retreated indoors, Caden kept bringing his coat to us as if he wanted a do-over. He was knocking on the front door and even brought my coat to me. He wanted to go back out and find Santa Claus despite the accompanying fright fest of noise.

Caden's gymnastics class held a holiday party. It was basically an open gym session for the kids to run around and play. At one point they were asked to sit together for some caroling. Suddenly Santa appeared. Caden jumped up and did a little jig, spun in circles, cupped his face, shouted "DADADADADA". He could not contain his pure joy and it made everyone around us smile and laugh. Every time he sees Saint Nick is as exciting as the first time.

Now we have to work on when he sits on Santa's lap, Caden should do more than melt. He looks like he's settling in for a nap and completely collapses on the man. It is difficult to take pictures when your son's neck looks broken as it rests on that soft red suit. Santa usually asks Caden several times what he wants for Christmas and it always ends the same: he wants a hug. I think Caden understands the spirit of the season just fine.

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WheresMyAngels said...

That is so cute. Aysha was bummed though cause we couldn't see Santa on the truck :(