Friday, December 19, 2008

Geraldo update

As a followup to my previous post about Geraldo's upcoming investigation into the dire Waiting List situation for individuals with disabilities, I have an update on when the segment is to be aired. There is now a change of date. It has been moved up to Saturday, December 27 on 10 pm on the Geraldo at Large FOX News show. This is great timing to catch people in the "holiday spirit" which may open their eyes and hearts to this big segment of the American population living in desperate circumstances. There is also hope that local Fox affiliates may jump on the bandwagon and do their own local reporting on the Waiting List. Tune in next Saturday!


WheresMyAngels said...

Oh man, I wish I would of read this earlier :( I missed it. What was it like?

Jessica said...

It was a live studio audience mostly of professionals and families with stories to share plus some pretaped clips. I felt he needed more than an hour though. He could have used that whole time just to show where we are today, how we got there, and how it impacts families. Then he could have used more time to explore solutions and show what works. He ended by saying it is cheaper to keep a person in their community vs. an institution but needed to show more successes with that, imo. But overall, FINALLY! Someone is talking about it. Hopefully he has gotten the ball rolling in the media.