Monday, January 5, 2009

When math is good

You probably know that most people have 46 chromosomes with 23 coming from each parent. However Caden has 47 chromosomes. Where did that extra chromosome come from? Since there is a correlation with maternal age and the occurrence of Down syndrome, science suspects that the extra chromosome is contributed by the mother's egg somehow. Follow me on the math here: then Caden has 23 chromosomes from The Tank and 24 chromosomes from me. That makes him 51% Mommy, correct? That could be entirely inaccurate and slightly presumptuous but when I look at my amazing, brilliant, talented, funny, and beautiful little boy I start to like that math. I have no problem taking credit for that extra chromosome!

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Loren Stow said...

I have never been good at math... but even I can understand that and I like it!!
Very Very Cool!
Mom to Malakai- almost 5 months and also 51% mommy ;)