Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Art of Friendship and Acceptance

My heart is bursting. Caden got his first love letter today. Well, a preschool version of a love letter anyway. When I picked him up at school, one of his classmates came up to me with an elaborate work of art involving stickers, stamps, paint and metallic glue. Very colorful and I'm sure laborious for a 3 year old to create. I knew this was not a project they had done at school. The little girl said "This is for Caden" but as Caden approached us she handed it to him herself. He was obviously impressed and declared "ooooooooo!" I told him to thank his friend and they went into a big hug with big smiles. I burst into tears as did their teacher. I thanked the other mother who replied "My daughter draws pictures for Caden all the time at home and sometimes asks for help to write him letters. Today I thought I'd bring one in to actually give to Caden."

I think this artwork will hang on our refrigerator for quite some time.

Edited to add: Per Kristi's request in the comments, here is a picture of Caden holding his cherished artwork.


tekeal said...

what a sweet story!

Kristi Mantoni said...

Take a picture of it! I'd love to see it.