Friday, January 30, 2009


"You are lucky". Short and sweet. That was all the woman behind us in the grocery store check-out said to me. No explanation given from the smiling stranger.

Was I the lucky one millionth customer served? Was I lucky to get the last package of Dunkin Donuts Vanilla coffee? Was I lucky to not get a cart with a screwy convulsing wheel? No, I knew she was referring to my beautiful rockstar child seated in the grocery cart at the end of the lane. When I've heard similar statements in the past, it's usually followed by the person sharing how they garnered an appreciation for a 47th chromosome like "I have a grandson with Down syndrome" or "I teach special education". But this woman offered nothing further. She was gazing at Caden still so I too turned to join in her admiration.

And there he was in all his glory. Suffering from a feverish cold with snot running out of his nose, both hands shoved into his mouth so he could chew his thumbs (I think this helps when his ears hurt), droning "aaa, aaa, aaa, aaa" while kicking the plastic shopping bags hanging beside him. I wondered how many people must be questioning why I had him out of the house but after 2 days holed in from the weather, we were out of the basics. I searched for a tissue wishing he was feeling better to appreciate this compliment.

Caden spotted us eyeing him and his face lit up with a brilliant smile as he waved. Then the cashier said "awwww" which sent him into high ham mode. He double-waved to both the shopper behind me and the cashier joined by a flirty sideways "hiiiiiiii!" Then he brought both hands up to his mouth and blew them simultaneous kisses, which of course made his new fans melt. "He's so cute!" "I want to take him home". Now the lady checking out beside us is joining in with "What a darling!" as Caden reached out to hold her hand. Just like that, their hearts were stolen. To seal the deal, he turned back to me with a big you're-still-my-favorite hug and a gentle stroke of my hair. Oh, how I love this boy.

I turned back to the woman waiting in line. She was clutching her chest with both hands. "Yes," I said, "I am lucky."


Anonymous said...

Yes we are lucky! Lovely story, thanks for sharing it!

Wendy P

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

We are SO lucky! Thanks for sharing the story, it brought tears to my eyes!