Friday, January 18, 2008

Caden takes aim

Caden's Auntie Liz gave him a game for Christmas that's he's really gotten into. It's a velcro target like a dartboard with 3 balls to throw at it. Can I just say that my boy has an arm? He can hit bullseyes, he can throw sideways at the target without even looking. The Tank and I of course immediately see a high school quarterback in our future. The problem is that Caden thinks it's way more fun to miss the target. He'll purposely throw the balls wildly, missing the target by a mile and then laugh and giggle uncontrollably as they bounce around the room. Soooo, maybe he won't be the quarterback with that game-playing strategy. But he sure does know how to "play" a game. As long as he's having fun, he can throw the ball wherever he wants. Well, maybe not at mommy's head but anyplace else is fine.

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mum2brady said...

How fun that you have a blog - I'm adding it to my list :) Caden is a doll!