Monday, January 14, 2008

When daddies babysit

I came out of the shower this weekend to find The Tank googling presidential candidates instead of watching our mischievous son. While his daddy's back was turned, Caden managed to find the crayons, open the crayon box (his occupational therapist would be thrilled at those fine motor skills), take out the black crayon and enthusiastically color the tv screen and the armoire. Feeling bold, he strolled down the hall passing The Tank WHILE EATING HALF the black crayon before stopping in front of my darling husband to try his handiwork on the white wall, with great gusto I might add. At this point, The Tank finally remembered he was supposed to be babysitting and put an end to the crayon adventure. Fortunately they were non-toxic crayons. However they were not the easy washable ones. The Tank was scrubbing for quite a bit.

My father had his non-babysitting experience that should have served as a lesson. My dad decided to take a nap and hand over control of the house to me and my sister Anna, both toddlers. We found my mom's haircutting scissors and Anna gave dad a new 'do. Keep in mind that this was the glory days of long hair for men, back in the 70's. Still, I thought my little sis did a lovely job as a rookie and was quite proud to show mom upon her return. So if you ever see a missing spot in The Tank's hair, ask him how babysitting went.

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