Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Express yourself

I think Caden and I had our first conversation recently. It went something like this:

Caden: (points to me sitting in a chair and signs "up", then points to the front door and signs "out")
Me: It's cold outside, we can't go out.
Caden: (Mr. Smartypants brings his coat to me thinking he solved that problem)
Me: Well, okay, you can wear your coat (so I put it on him, hoping that may pacify him)
Caden: (not deterred, signs "up" to me again and points to the door)
Me: I don't want to go out, I'm in my robe and it's cold outside
Caden: (brings me his dinosaur hat, places it on my head, and motions like "c'mon, let's go")
Me: I'm not ready to go out. I don't even know where you want to go. I still need shoes, the diaper bag...
Caden: (he's already at the door trying to use his toy keys to open it...apparently he's going somewhere with or without Mommy, ready to assert his independence....wait, did he just flip me off????)
Me: What was that sign? Did your father teach you that?

Okay, so that last part didn't happen but the the rest did. And I didn't initiate it. My toddler was bossing me around. I loved it! I even got choked up over this exchange. Caden's speech is mostly babbling but with his signing, he can communicate so much. I am so appreciative that he has this means to share his needs and wants. And commands. It's beautiful, truly poetry in motion.

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