Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Learning to fly

I love this video. A 53yo father and his 31yo son with DS take up skydiving.

I love the dad's quote that he can protect his son from bad things happening in his life but not to the point that good things don't happen. What an awesome attitude.

When I turned 30, I spent a weekend at Skydive Orange in Virginia that involved Diamond Rio, togas, and as my good friend Bisqit recently reminded me, some nudity. That is another story for another post! The important thing is that I got to skydive twice. It was one of the most memorable events I've ever experienced. I hope that The Tank and I are giving Caden wings to soar on so that he too can accomplish whatever will be on his lifetime to-do list. Maybe in 30 years you'll see a video of Caden and The Tank on their own skydiving adventure. Wait, that would make The Tank how old....hmmm....maybe we better make that 20 years from now. Tee hee. Here's Caden's mommy on a tandem jump:

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